Friday, November 18, 2011

Half Japanese- The Band That Would Be King (1989)

half japanese's the band that would be king, one of my all time favorite albums, was given to me on an old cassette by my tenth grade history teacher. well, actually i borrowed it and never gave it back. i would never hear music the same way again. from the first press of the play button on my shitty twenty dollar walkman i was hooked. i never realized that rock or punk or "alternative" music this weird and wonderful existed. how in the hell was it possible that this band existed and who would possibly put out a record by them? that tape got played to the point of utter disintegration. it actually took me some time to rundown a link in present day. this link seems to have some extra track's not on the original. i am so stoaked to have this in digital form so i can have it and so that i can share it with you now.

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