Thursday, August 26, 2010

riffs, riffs, and more riffs.

philly's GREATEST riff merchants bring the fucking thunder on this, their debut lp, which is sold as a soundtrack for a lost satanist biker b-movie. the liner notes and "story" of this album are worth the price of admission alone, and then you get to the tunes!!! the stoner vibe scene is full of mediocrity and yawn inducing blandness, but not serpent throne. they actually take the time to put down the bong, take a big step off of Sleeps nuts and craft amazingly heavy instrumental hard guitar rock CLASSICS!!! duel leads galore, no corny ass ozzy wanna be ("a singer would just get in the way of the riffs!!"), thunderous rhythm section, and the heady heady riffs that just never seem to stop. buy this album and their second "the battle of old crow", and stay tuned for a new album they tell me is coming soon. if you ever get a chance to see Serpent Throne, don't be a dumb ass, do what you got to do to get there, they will slay your shit. my favorite current live band, HANDS DOWN!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sylvester Anfang II - S/T

Belgium's self described "funeral folk collective" Sylvester Anfang II really take you out there and far fucking beyond on this one. i picked this up in the record store based on the amazing cover art and song titles like "the devil always shits in the same graves". this is one dark, creepy, earthen, mysterious, ritualistic, spaced out, psychedelic, free form freak-out of a recording. the sounds evoke images of a coven of drugged out, pagan freaks tuned into some shamanistic death trip around a raging fire in the heart of thick, dank, forbidden forest, banging away and droning hypnotically into the night. amazing.

word falling - photo falling - breakthrough in grey room - calling patisans of all nations - towers, open fire-

for about ten years my old junkie uncle bill would read me to sleep with bedtime stories every night. stories riddled with drug use, messages of total resistance, dry dark humor, homo-erotica and proclamations of deep unbridled truth. he was a major influence on my belief structure during my formative years and he continues to inspire me to conduct a break through in the grey room. Call Me Burroughs was my introduction to the voice that would change my life.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The New Creation - Countdown To Revolution!

yesterday i was hipped to this group of mutant Canadian christian outsider's one and only album from 1970, Troubled. soul crushing justice sounds played by mutant lords of eccentricity. such sincere, odd, creepy, catchy, and joyful songs ineptly played in reverence of their lord.

don't be a dingus, check it out!!


in the beginning.....

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