Thursday, August 26, 2010

riffs, riffs, and more riffs.

philly's GREATEST riff merchants bring the fucking thunder on this, their debut lp, which is sold as a soundtrack for a lost satanist biker b-movie. the liner notes and "story" of this album are worth the price of admission alone, and then you get to the tunes!!! the stoner vibe scene is full of mediocrity and yawn inducing blandness, but not serpent throne. they actually take the time to put down the bong, take a big step off of Sleeps nuts and craft amazingly heavy instrumental hard guitar rock CLASSICS!!! duel leads galore, no corny ass ozzy wanna be ("a singer would just get in the way of the riffs!!"), thunderous rhythm section, and the heady heady riffs that just never seem to stop. buy this album and their second "the battle of old crow", and stay tuned for a new album they tell me is coming soon. if you ever get a chance to see Serpent Throne, don't be a dumb ass, do what you got to do to get there, they will slay your shit. my favorite current live band, HANDS DOWN!!

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Axe Wound said...

It's true. A singer would totally cockblock the riffs.