Tuesday, August 24, 2010

word falling - photo falling - breakthrough in grey room - calling patisans of all nations - towers, open fire-

for about ten years my old junkie uncle bill would read me to sleep with bedtime stories every night. stories riddled with drug use, messages of total resistance, dry dark humor, homo-erotica and proclamations of deep unbridled truth. he was a major influence on my belief structure during my formative years and he continues to inspire me to conduct a break through in the grey room. Call Me Burroughs was my introduction to the voice that would change my life.




Anonymous said...

that homoerotica really lulls you to sleep, eh?

some dude said...

yes, anonymous commenter, it does. whats wrong with that, are you some kind of mouthbreathing homophobic flatliner or something?

David from ohio said...

All Praise To Burroughs!!!