Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hello Dad, I'm in Jail.

Pump up the Volume staring Christian Slater as a pirate radio dj in some early 90's desolate Arizona suburb was for me, a great inspiration. The music was all wild and the naked chick gave me a boner. What was released as the soundtrack was an abysmal piece of doo-doo that left off all of the most crucial musical nuggets, with the exception of the Henry Rollins and Bad Brains cover of "Kick out the Jams". For years I wondered who had written the awesome song about going to jail. I guess i could have just watched the ending credits and the mystery would have been solved, but i never did. Sometimes the mystery is more fun. It wasn't until I decided that I needed to watch some old episodes of MTV's Liquid Television that i discovered the frighteningly odd truth. The song was by WAS (NOT WAS), those dudes who wrote that song about opening the door and getting on the floor and then everybody walking the dinosaur.
 Go figure.

here go the song if you want to have it.

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